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Probably one of the best solutions – MESHPACK silage net

It turned out to be a great technique to store silage directly on the fi eld. To keep it safe from insects, bird and animals it is helpful to use silage net.
MESHPACK silage net keeps the forage perfect. It is an impenetrable barrier for picking birds and other small animals because of its strong and resistant mesh.
Our silage net is easy to use, economical and keeps the forage safe. With one roll of our silage net (8 x 25 m) you can cover at least 150 bales of fodder. The value of fodder can be worth up to 5,000 Euro. Leaving the bales unprotected could raise the possibility of damage by birds.
This could mean hundreds of Euro destroyed. Our silage net is a good investment in safety – it repays itself. With only a few cent per bale it is cheap compared to the value of a lost fodder bale.
MESHPACK silage net is UV stabilized, useable for many years and high fl exible.
We only use premium grade raw materials to fulfi l high technical demands. Our silage net has the standard size of 8 x 25 m, other sizes are available on request.
MESHPACK silage net is wrapped and folded on a core, packed in foil to make handling and shipping easier.

Technical Data

Material High Density Polyethylene
Colour Black
Width of net 8 m
Material folded Yes in 0,50 m
Length per roll 25 m
Weight 29 gr/m²
Diameter of core 76 mm
Breaking strength 8,5 kg (2 chains)
Elongation/Flexibility 20 %
Diameter of roll ca. 30 cm
Weight of roll 6,4 kg ± 5 %
Weight of core 0,6 kg
Rolls per pallet 96