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Raschel bags – the modern packaging solution

Due to their air-permeable netting, raschel bags are ideally suited for packaging and portioning fruit and vegetables. They are most commonly used to package potatoes, but citrus fruits, onions, corn and carrots can also be successfully packaged therein.

The net structure allows the consumer to visually inspect and perform a quality check on the packaged goods at the time of purchase. The loose-knit structure also ensures outstanding ventilation of the goods, which prevents moisture forming in the bags.

The wide range of colours and colour combinations increase the bags’ aesthetic quality and allow for a quicker identifi - cation of the product.

The manufacture of raschel bags takes place under the strictest quality controls and using raw materials and pigments which are free from heavy metals.



Technical Data

Bag on rolls Colours
2,0 kg 26 x 30 3.000 or 4.000     Autumnyellow
2,5 kg 29 x 36 3.000 or 4.000  
5,0 kg 34 x 46 2.500 or 4.000  
7,5 kg 38 x 50 2.500 or 3.000  
10,0 kg 40 x 60 2.000 or 3.000  
12,5 kg 40 x 63 2.000 or 3.000  
15,0 kg 46 x 65 2.500 or 3.000  
20,0 kg 50 x 70 1.500 or 2.000  
25,0 kg 50 x 79 1.500 or 2.000  
Umsack 56 x 80 2.000  

All bags are available in 201 & 211 quality. Special sizes, hot melt as well as handles are possible on request. All qualities are heavy metals free.

That is what you can expect:

  • consumer-friendly packaging
  • space-saving storage of packed goods
  • easy transport / easy handling
  • packaging solutions that are highly resistant to tearing
  • available in different sizes and in different volume capacities
  • further areas of application (also suitable for firewood, toys etc.)