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Protection net

Protection nets in top quality for your market success!

MESHPACK protection nets are well-known and established products! They protect your goods while maintaining continuous and strong growth!

These long-term nettings are made of environmentally safe polyethylene (HDPE) fl at threads or monofilament round threads with highest possible degree of UV-stabilization. Due to these fine materials our products are resistant to weather and rotting, as well as colorfast and waterproof.


A selection of our MESHPACK protection nets utilizes a thread size of about 1 mm, which results in a very strong mesh. Therefore a careful construction of the net prevents birds from entangling themselves, it is a kind contribution to animal welfare.  


MESHPACK protection nets are best used to protect grapes in viticulture, sowing, berry, cherry and more. We also offer suitable and reliable nettings for your garden pond and silage needs. The low weight of our networks enables a light and comfortable handling of the product. 


MESHPACK presents a wide assortment of products including different mesh-sizes, colors and sizes, which are delivered in transparent OPP-films, plastic bags or net packaging. We pack your goods in our factory, which enables exclusive customized labeling.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We will be pleased to assist you!


Monofilament thread

  • light net
  • high tear strength due to the round structure
  • easy handling and laying
  • low packaging volume 





Flat thread

  • robust thread strength by 1 mm
  • special contribution to animal protection due the qualitative thread structure
  • easy handling and laying
  • proven net for all sizes