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Extruded netting – the individual packaging solution

Whether used as packaging in the food industry (fruit, vegetables, etc.) or for protecting palletized products or sensitive surfaces, extruded netting can be found in a wide range of applications due to its high elasticity and its harmlessness when in contact with food.

In contrast to other packaging systems, extruded netting has the extraordinary advantage of conforming fl exible to the packaged good and thus being extremely tear-resistant, and has therefore developed into a highly versatile form of packaging over the past years.

As part of the Karatzis group, Mesh Pack GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of netting solutions, particularly of fruit and vegetable packaging.
As the fi eld of small packaging is constantly growing, we have decided to expand our product portfolio by investing in machine producing extruded netting.

The extruded netting from Mesh Pack GmbH is produced from the highest quality raw materials and colouring pigments accordance with all environmental standards and the strictest quality controls.

With the successful production of Raschel bags, fruit netting and extruded netting, we hope to be able to offer our customers high-quality packaging materials in typical high quality.

That is what you can expect:

  • self-standing packaging (ideal for presenting fresh products for sale on the shelf)
  • wide label with room for customer information, and protects from light (e.g. for potatoes)
  • particularly suitable for small packaging items