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One of the best solutions for you – Netzwerk-Premium.

Over 20 years production experience in manufacturing net for agricultural use with the latest plant, equipment and technology should convince you of the Karatzis S.A. ( produced Netzwerk Premium Bale Netwrap.

A unique certificate for our net in the form of an official recommendation by the DLG (German Farming Association) which we received in 1999 was renewed in August 2003 by passing the Signum-Test. Our net was tested on all saleable balers worldwide as well as checked for technical specifications. More exact details you will find in our DLG report No. 5179 (

We only use premium grade raw materials as we are aware of the fact that Bale Netwrap has to bear high technical demand.

Our net is additionally available in 12 g and 14 g weight. Own brand product available on request.

Technical Data

Roll width
(± 10 mm)
0,60 m 1,23 m 1,25 m 1,30 m
Roll length 1.800 m 2.000 m, 2.500 m or 3.000 m
Roll diameter
(± 10 mm)
240 mm (2.000 m) or 280 mm (3.000 m)
Weight per
running metre (± 5 %)
6,4 g 13,0 g 13,2 g 13,7 g
No. of warp threads 26 50 50 56
Tube length
(± 5 mm)
625 mm 1.245 mm 1.260 mm 1.325 mm
Tube internal
76 mm
Packing plastic film
Antistatic additive Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV stabiliser Yes Yes Yes Yes
Red end warning Yes Yes Yes Yes

That is what you can expect:

  • Every roll UV-stabilized
  • Antistatic additives addes to each roll
  • Guaranteed length of 2,000 m and 3,000 m (5 % positive tolerance included)
  • Well established control number system to identify each roll
  • Full bale coverage
  • Suitable for all crops under all conditions
  • Good weather protection through perfect bale coverage
  • 2 – 3 turn to make it a perfect bale
  • Red end warning on the last 50 m

Made to further specifications

Our meshes are naturally also available in the 12 g and 14 g variants, and even in your own customised design, as desired.