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Products: Quality and Functionality without Compromises!

Extruded packaging nets

Whether used as packaging in the food industry (fruit, vegetables, etc.) or for protecting palletized products or sensitive surfaces, extruded netting can be found in a wide range of applications due to its high elasticity and its harmlessness when in contact with food.
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Raschel Bags

Due to their air-permeable netting, raschel bags are ideally suited for packaging and portioning fruit and vegetables. They are most commonly used to package potatoes, but citrus fruits, onions, corn and carrots can also be successfully packaged therein.
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Bale Netwrap

Over 20 years production experience in manufacturing net for agricultural use with the latest plant, equipment and technology should convince you of the Karatzis S.A. ( produced Netzwerk Premium Bale Netwrap.
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The best nets are now also on the net! Order your Christmas tree nets now online from our shop.

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Silage Net cover

It turned out to be a great technique to store silage directly on the fi eld. To keep it safe from insects, bird and animals it is helpful to use silage net. MESHPACK silage net keeps the forage perfect.
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Christmas tree netting

Whether CLASSIC or MONO, ST or LZ-mesh – we have the right mesh for every case. Your advantage: we guarantee quality and the specified mesh length. MESHPACK Christmas tree nets can also be obtained from our MESHPACK online shop.

Covering nets

MESHPACK covering nets are well-known and established products! They protect your goods while maintaining continuous and strong growth!

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Further Products

The product range of Karatzis S.A. also encompasses further types of mesh/netting, which you can find out about at, or also directly in-house at our venue.


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